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Cosmetics & Fragrances

LUXURY: About this page

logo: the future of Luxury   This page has been compiled to support the FIT CFMM (Cosmetics and  
   Fragrance Marketing and Management) Capstone theme for 2015, but others 
   may find it useful too

    Details on the June 3, 2015 Capstone presentations

Selected books and e-books, and the subject headings/tags to find more like these

The most directly relevant subject headings [to search Stylecat, the FIT Library catalog] are
Luxury : about the theoretical concept
Luxuries : products and services
Luxury goods industry : business aspects

Any of these headings might be subdivided for a narrower focus. e.g.
Luxury -- Social aspects 
Luxuries -- Marketing.
Luxury goods industry -- Management 

The use of subject headings is part science, part art, so really any of them could reflect your topic.

Related terms (which may also have subdivisions) include:
Affluent consumers
Consumption (Economics)
Rich people


Databases & websites

Most company & industry and market research databases will have coverage of luxury markets, but some have more extensive coverage and/or easier ways to pull it all together.

sample Passport page

From the home page , choose
Industries> Luxury Goods
"Search statistics" or "Find analysis" > Choose Industry> Luxury Goods.
Additional detailed choices will then appear under "select category" pull down menu, including "Super Premium Beauty and Personal Care"

MENU > Product categories> Beauty
LUXURY Is a separate category:
MENU > Market Intelligence> Business & Strategy > Market Segments> Luxury

Luxury segment dashboard can be found at 
Category Overview > Theme > Premium & Luxury

See also
Category Overview < Demographic > Affluent Consumers

E-mail alerts can be set up for newly-added content in each desired area.

Other market research resources

There are market research firms (and divisions of larger insights firms) that specialize in categories including luxury and affluent consumers.
Though most content is high-priced reports not widely available at libraries (including FIT), many companies offer free access (often with required registration) to white papers, articles, blog posts etc that give some insights into their original and compiled research.

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