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Cosmetics & Fragrances

Current market and company reports

  • Hispanics: Approach to Health & Wellness - US - January 2021
  • Clean Beauty - US- December 2020
  • Fragrance Trends in Beauty: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - November 2020
  • Skin Protection  Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - November 2020
  • Perceptions of Beauty across Generations: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - September 2020
  • Black Consumers and Color Cosmetics: Incl Impact of COVID-19 - US - July 2020
  • Beauty Influencers - US - February 2020

  Sample reports that are already formatted or that you can generate:

  • Statistics
    • Market Sizes: Aggregated sales in a time series by standard data types, per capita and growth: Prestige Beauty and Personal Care, World

  • Analysis/Briefings: 
    • "Competitor Strategies in Beauty and Personal Car"  ( 15 Dec 2020 )
  • Country Reports
    • "Premium Beauty and Personal Care in Germany" (19 July 2020)
    • "Beauty and Personal Care in Tanzania" (14 October 2020)
  • Rank Data
    • Colour Cosmetics, Market sizes by country (historical and forecast)
  • Datagraphics
    • Men's Fragrances, United Kingdom: Sales and Sales Performance, Competitive Landscape, et al. (May 2018)
  • Company Profiles
    • Natura & Co in Beauty and Personal Care (World) (12 Nov 2018)

Other suggested databases:

Trend and Forecasting Reports


         fashion snoops website

A note about other research sources

While the library subscribes to the many valuable databases listed above, there are many more that we cannot provide access to.

  • Often you can read press releases or articles than contain some of the content of a larger report, or download a sample or white paper directly from the publisher (often in exchange for supplying your contact information)

  • Publications that are generally paywalled may still allow viewing or downloading a limited number of articles per month, and may have free newsletter subscriptions that hint at greater content.
  • Scholarly articles and reports that are not found in our databases may be available through InterLibrary Loan and/or Google Scholar

Please Ask the Library if you need suggestions on how to proceed!


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