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Cosmetics & Fragrances


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BFL has a number of books that touch upon cosmetics and fragrances and their connection to fashion and beauty in general.They are most useful for scholarly quick overviews and context but there are some surprising entries such as "Soviet State Cosmetic Company TEZHE in the 1930s" and "Cosmetics and Beauty Culture in Australia".

  • Historical databases: Look for articles contemporary to the time you are researching using WWD Archive, Vogue Archive, Harper's Bazaar Archive, New York Times Historical, and these others that include pre-1950 coverage.

Expanding the Canon: Global and Inclusive Beauty History

"Beauty history is incomplete. Much of what has been written about beauty culture and the beauty industry to date has been exclusive, prioritizing Eurocentric and American developments and perspectives. The goal of ... research... is to expand the canon of beauty history and scholarship to include groups, cultures, or customer segments who...have been underrepresented, undervalued, or not fully understood by the beauty industry. Areas may include, but are not limited to, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, ability, geographic region, religion, or sexual orientation. ...We encourage you to be broad in your subject consideration, given the need for more global examples in the beauty history canon."
Leslie Harris and Denise Sutton, Course content for CF 505 — Innovations in the Development of the Beauty Industry


Suggested database:

Selected Books

  • For more books and DVDS, use OneSearch, entering the names of other individuals, companies, or products,
    e.g. Ash, Mary Kay; Chanel;  Shiseido;  Body Shop; Maybelline; lipstick; theatrical makeup; film makeup; et al.
  • Information on companies whose primary business is toiletries (rather than color cosmetics or fragrances) can be found using the name of the company (e.g. Procter & Gamble),  a specific product (e.g. soap), or the phrase "toilet preparations"

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