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Cosmetics & Fragrances

Fragrance History & Biography

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Guides & Overviews

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Fragrance and fashion -- what's the connection?

NEW! "8 out of the top 10 global premium fragrance houses are fashion brands" according to Passport (Euromonitor), viewed March 3, 2015. Log into Passport database to see the detailed market share chart

Different takes on the connection?

"BCBG Max Azria is a lifestyle brand and fragrance is an important part of that,” said Azria. “It started with a dress, and for 25 years, we have been known for dresses, especially for occasions and special moments. Our brand mission is to make women look beautiful and feel confident. Fragrance is the final touch.” WWD Online 4/30/14

"He was a complete failure in economic terms. I mean, he made only a handful of dresses, and there are no perfumes associated with his name." Valerie Steele, curator of the Museum at FIT, on Charles James in Style.Com

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  • Books with both "fashion designers" and "perfumes" as subject headings. e.g
    • Fragrance and fashion. New York, NY : TODTRI Book Publishers, c2002.  
      Main Stacks TP983 .F64 2002

    • Temptation, joy & scandal : fragrance & fashion 1900-1950, The Museum at FIT, February 24-April 10, 2004. New York : The Museum at FIT, [2004]. (14 page pamphlet)
      Access Services Desk, Reserves MFIT Exhibition Brochures Binder   GT2340 .T44 2004
      "The exhibition explores an alliance between two French luxury industries - fragrance and fashion - which gave birth to products of enduring glamour and romance. Highlighted in the exhibition are legendary perfumes created during the first half of the 20th century by such fashion houses as Poiret, Chanel, Lanvin, Vionnet, Patou, Lelong, Schiaparelli, and Dior, as well as by fashion accessory houses such as André Perugia, Caroline Reboux, and Louis Vuitton"--Excerpt from press release.
    • Fashion scents [VHS videorecording].New York, NY : Videofashion, Inc., c1991.
      Circulation Desk Video Video TT500 .V536 v.4 no.9
      "An examination of some of the important names in the world of scents and perfumes, featuring the House of Worth, Jean Patou, Karl Lagerfeld, perfume bottle designer Desgrippes, and Nina Ricci"
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    • More suggestions for researching fashion designers.
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