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Cosmetics & Fragrances

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This page has been compiled to support the FIT CFMM (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management) Capstone theme for 2019, but others may find it useful too
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2019 Theme: Beauty and Technology

Topic 1: Technology and Individual Human Identity
Topic 2: Technology and Societal Evolution

2019 CFMM Capstone Research Presentations June 12, 2019

Research resources

  • Find insights and news in periodicals, especially industry trade magazines
  • Research other industries -- not just beauty-- for marketable innovation in medicine and biology and enginieering
  • Trend services cover more than "just"  fashion.

Key search terms:

  • Biomedical
  • Biology
  • Bioengineering

Relevant reports include:

"People in wealthy countries around the world are seeking to obtain happiness through self enhancement. Today, radically new technologies support this endeavor. Humans are literally being decoded, bio-hackers recode them. Constant monitoring of all our body functions by smart devices will foster predictive maintenance and make treating diseases obsolete.

With Data Buddhism, tiresome training of body and mind will be replaced by instant-upgrades of ourselves. My virtual “data selfie” is becoming more important than the reflection in my bathroom mirror. No matter where, in 2030 whichever provider has the most accurate consumer information prevails. The wellness industry will consequently become an extension of the data economy. Entirely new players will create entirely new wellness categories and offers. Your fiercest competitor will not be the other spa next door."

Research pro tip:  follow up and brainstorm based on the sources listed on the WGSN report's "Research & Reference" slide and related WGSN reports such as "Bioengineered Beauty" and  "Bacteria Beauty"

  • Beauty Futures 2030
  • Future Innovations 2021 explores biotech and other disruptive ideas across product categories and fields


Reports like 2019 Health & Wellness Trends outline current and future innovations, challenges and opportunities.

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