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 This guide covers mostly business and scholarly aspecStudents in the Fragrance Labts of the study of cosmetics and fragrances: history, popular culture, business and marketing, aesthetics, and more.

 Many popular works on makeup and style are listed in StyleCat, the FIT Library's online catalog; search "words in subject" using the phrase beauty personal
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Image left courtesy FIT's graduate  CFMM program   
Image right courtesy FIT's undergraduate CFM program

Citation Help at the Library Dec. 5-10

Drop-in citation help Dec. 5-10, 2016
Meet 1x1 with a writing tutor, librarian or reference assistant. Stop by the Research Services Desk (Goodman Center, 5th floor) for info & assistance.
No time to meet? Check out the FIT Library Citation Guide for examples of APA & MLA citations 

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Research like the pros!

The Wall Street Journal  (10/3/12) featured an article on "The Manicure Arms Race" (regular salon manicures vs. gel manicures).

Did you note their sources? They include the databases featured below, both available to current FIT students and faculty.

2014 marked 25 years of the CFM program

Congratulations to FIT's undergraduate Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing program (CFM) on celebrating its first 25+ years!



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