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CM 442 Global Brand Management

About this guide

This guide can direct you to suggested resources--library databases, reputable websites and organizations, books, and more--for your CM 442 Global Brand Management assignments;

  • For Library databases that have many different sections or components, we will suggest specific search terms and/or pathways to get the information you need for specific parts of your assignments.
  • We may also recommend outside websites that we've found to be trustworthy, though you should always look at each site and evaluate for yourself, as things change.
  • Sometimes, we'll give examples of a web search using wording that we have found to be relevant and successful in the past. We won't necessarily update these results.
  • Look for occasional tips or notes like "Why we like these resources" and "How to find similar information"
  • If you want more suggestions or need help with a specific piece of info, use our Ask The Library service which includes the option to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a librarian

Global Markets: What kind of information can I find?

Things to consider as you search for information:

  • What's there vs. what's challenging to find
  • Using library databases vs other resources; searching for and identifying reputable information sources
  • How to get basic info out of otherwise pricey resources

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