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Runway Coverage: G

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Galanos, James

Galliano, John

Gant (Firm)

Includes Gant by Michael Bastian

Includes Gant by Michael Bastian

Gardem (Firm)

Gaskins, Eric

Gaultier, Jean-Paul

General Idea (South Korea: Firm)

Generra (Firm)

Genny (Firm)

Gernreich, Rudi

Ghost (Firm)

Ghurka (Firm)

Giberson, Tess

Gibo (Firm)

Gigli, Romeo

Ginette NY (Firm)

Girbaud, Francois

Givenchy, Hubert de

Gladstone, Meredith

Gn, Andrew

Goodman, Georgina

Goorin Bros

Graham, Gary

Grant, Martin

Gregory, Rogan

Gres, Alix

Includes Grès (Firm)

Includes Grès (Firm)

Includes Grès (Firm)

Includes Grès (Firm)

Includes Grès (Firm)

Grethel, Henry

G-Star (Firm)

Gucci, Aldo

Gueron, Sari

Guerriero (Firm)

Guess (Firm)

Guiness, Lulu

Gurung, Prabal

G.V.G.V. (Firm)

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