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Fashion and Clothing History

Recommended Books on East Asian Costume

Searching East Asian Costume

SearchEast Asian Costume is a somewhat broad topic so it might be best to do research by a specific country or ethnic group.  If you do want an overview on the topic though here are some suggested search terms to use in OneSearch:

Ethnic costume

Ethnic costume -- History -- Pictorial works

Costume-- Asia

Costume-- East Asia

Fashion-- Asia

Textile fabrics-- Asia

Textile fabrics-- East Asia

Cross-cultural studies

Silk-- Asia

Silk -- East Asia

Embroidery-- Asia

Embroidery -- East Asia

Browsing East Asian Costume Books on the Shelf

BookshelfBooks about East Asian Costume can be in a number of different sections of the library depending on if the book's focus is textile type, time period, art by country or individual designer. Here are some suggested call numbers to start browsing:

GT 511- Modern Fashion

GT 525- Fashion, cultural aspects

N 7336-7369- Art, East Asia

NK 8883-8884- Textile arts, East Asia

NK 9200- Embroidery

TT 505- Designers
(TT505 is a HUGE section! Try to find the specific number for an individual designer by searching their name in OneSearch.  For example most books about "Guo Pei" will be under TT505.G86.)

Searching Database about East Asian Costume

Asian Fashion Archive

Asian Fashion Archive

The Asian Fashion Archive is a digital resource project, which highlights Asian fashion, culture, and history.

Fashion and Race Database

Fashion and Race Database

A database with the goal of centering and amplifying voices voices of those who have been racialized (and thus marginalized) in fashion, illuminate under-examined histories and address racism throughout the fashion system. Featuring resources, digital objects, biographical profiles, essays, directory and calendar of events.

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