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Fashion and Clothing History

India's textiles and clothing

The Indian subcontinent sits between China and southeast Asia, northwest Asia, and the array of cultures of Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Besides being one of the birthplaces of cotton,  it has been a conduit for trading between east and west for milennia.

India is also a conglomerate of  states, languages, and cultures, all of which have their own textile and clothing traditions. In addition, India has embraced modern textile technologies, hosting prominent textile research institutes and producing most of the world's rayon. One traditional garment of India, the sari, is the world's best known draped-not-sewn garment. For easier researching, it helps to consider Indian fashions by region or technique, and not as a monolithic concept. Here are useful search terms:

Ethnic costume

Ethnic costume -- History -- Pictorial works

Costume-- India

Costume-- Asia

Fashion-- India

Cross-cultural studies


Silk-- India

Embroidery-- India

Textile fabrics-- India

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Regional textiles of India

Indian clothing and the world

Archive on Demand: The Sari Series

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