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Clothing Construction, Alteration, and Tailoring

This page offers resources for basic and advanced clothing construction techniques, including tailoring and alterations.

About This Guide

TailoringWelcome to our research guide on clothing construction, alteration and tailoring!

Use this guide to find resources for apparel construction:

  • how to fit, construct, shape, embellish garments
  • design and techniques for specific garments
  • grading/body measurements standards/ sizes
  • construction/sewing/couture techniques
  • tailoring/pattern alteration/historical patterns
  • design for special needs and sustainability

If you are looking for information about designing a new line, check out our Fashion Design: Inspiration, Illustration, and Tools Guide.

If you are looking for information on making patterns for new designs, technical specifications, or sizing, check out the Technical Design: Patternmaking, Draping, and Grading Guide.

If you are looking for standards, law, and more production information, also check out the Apparel Industry Guide.

And if you have problems finding what you need, remember to Ask the Library!

EMc/MS 12/21

Form Classic Tailoring Techniques for Menswear 2nd ed

Online Resources for Garment Construction

From FIT's Archive on Demand

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Chanel - Making the Little Black Jacket

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